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We are a private allergy clinic operating outside Medicare. Our allergy tests cover the allergens most often encountered in our environment. The causes and symptoms of allergies are many. We can screen for and identify your specific allergies and suggest the most appropriate treatment for you.

Environmental allergies can be responsible for asthma, chronic rhinitis, frequent sinusitis, otitis or repeated episodes of bronchitis, affecting your quality of life and your sleep.

Inflammation caused by these allergies can weaken your defences against respiratory infections.

Allergies can weaken your attention and reduce your performance at work or school.

They can trigger migraines.

Food allergies (allergies to peanuts or other nuts, sesame seeds, fish, seafood, etc.) can threaten your life. Take the test for serious allergy risks.

Your health, your quality of life and your time are precious.

Waiting can be costly. Do the math here.

We can help you solve your allergy problem promptly, with no need for a doctor’s referral.